Brett Gleason

by Brett Gleason

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    releases 06 May 2014

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The Worst Part
I Am Not
The Thawing
Futile and Fooled
Idealize the Dead


releases 06 May 2014
All songs and instruments written/played/produced by BG, drums by Brendan Finnegan, mixed by Boone McElroy, mastered by Paul Gold. Album art by photographer Doug Seymour & designer Jason Rand.



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Brett Gleason New York

Combining the intimacy of a piano based singer-songwriter with dark electronics and jazz harmonics: Brett Gleason’s music has garnered comparisons to a diverse array of artists like Trent Reznor, Tori Amos and Depeche Mode.


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Track Name: Imposter
If you think, you can take over my mind
I’ll tell you there’s got to be somewhere else
you can find, someone else, naive and careless
Who doesn’t understand the danger of handing
over your wrists.

To something you don’t even know is right.
Right now I’m not sure, if I should fight.

Against you, or with you there’s no easy answer to take
This time I’ll have to fake, but this time
will I be able to ignore that whispering talking
taunting shouting screaming lure.

He’s gonna tell you it’s worth it you’re the sacrifice.
The payback will come and it will be nice.
Don’t ask for more than I’m ready to tell,
Just sit back and enjoy you’re taste of hell

Because he is, the one who’s fallen
And understands there’s less at hand,
than anyone else here can stand,
and with that, comes the responsibility
to see, it, all the time.

It was the end of his show, you were going to be the host.
This time when you tried to walk home,
you would make it alone.
Through the shaded willow light, you would glow,
On your way to places you normally wouldn’t go.
Will his yellow eyes be behind the next bush’s bend?
Or is it through the pond’s stagnant tide
the monster will ascend?

Because he is, the one who’s rising
winning points conquering state by state,
kissing babies, shaking hands,
making speeches giving head,,
while men in black suits get richer to cover
he’s killing me

So with a knife there’s a slice the broken dam,
gushing red.
Two smiles suffice one the Imposter
one Dr. K.
Track Name: Polarity (instrumental)
If you want me to, I will want it too.
Assert the self or kill, the self for the few.
Stones and bones I give, myself up to you.
Well I can’t fall for this, don’t expect it to feel real.

Give into dissonant thoughts.
Accept the opposite sounds.
Contradiction can’t be found.
Up needs the right, wrong needs down.

If you ignore me, I will just grow loud.
The more you try to forget, the more I’m around.
Decadent indulgence, ascetic restraint:
Are both extremes that can’t please, can’t be indulged or disdained.

Give in to clashing ideals.
Accept the polar extremes.
Common ground cannot be found.
Don’t complain, don’t make a sound.

Don’t try to merge opposites,
let them take you for a trip.
The one you feel now is real,
two futures are later revealed.
Track Name: Unruddered (instrumental)
Now breaking down enzymes,
de-constructing codes.
Forget about past times,
prepare to dispose.

Disintegrate patterns,
abscond their growth.
Inhibit reactors,
divert and reload.

Compose your responses,
resume natural flow.
Synapses are lapses,
perceptive muscles.

I’ve tried to toe the line,
obeyed all the road signs,
and now that I’ve arrived I find:
That is wasn’t worth it.

I’ve carefully picked my fights,
tied tongues and muffled sighs.
And now that I’ve denied I’m found:
Unruddered and Reckless.

Not saying it this time,
decided to go.
All efforts were useless,
acknowledge it so.

Forget your devotions,
survivals no joke.
Undermine detractors,
diminish their gloat.

Deflect the transmission,
of dueling rivals,
forgive the transgressions,
of human animals.

I’ve carefully chosen sides,
weighed lows against their highs,
closed eyes and tried to resign myself:
To Never Question.

The choices that I’ve made,
practically calculate,
the safe route from A to B has left me:
An Unfettered Recluse,

Who’s seen 10,000 things,
charred fields abandoned dreams,
uprooted themes and half planned schemes
have left me:
Unruddered and Reckless.
Track Name: The Thawing (instrumental)
I will break the rules and then I’ll go and make my own.
Follow endless question marks do they lead back to home?
I felt a fall the world was small and not quite what it seemed.
Nobody knows nor have they chosen, are we really free?

I will follow tangents until their logical end.
Nothing is forbidden there is no such thing as sin.
A different world per pair of eyes with nothing that’s certain,
be led by change yet keep your name forget your restrictions.

I will shed the thinking that has let me come to this.
Recreate sensations one should never come to miss.
Untangle knots you tied yourself release them from your grasp.
Refresh the strands genetic brand and face the thwarted flesh.

Freed from the name.
Freed from the game.
Freed of the rain,
and the frozen.
Freed from the pain,
and the poison.

Refresh the page.
Resurrect your fate.
Break from the chains.
Look at your face,
and accept the stains.

Freed from restraints.
Freed from the gaze,
his dictatory ways.
We’re finally free,
to exist naturally:
However messy that could be:

Commence The Thawing!
Track Name: Futile and Fooled (instrumental)
‘Nothing comes when you need it to’
When one thing goes wrong here what I often do:
Give up the hope to achieve it
Abandon the dreams to believe that
Everything’s futile you were fooled
You thought that you could stop
just as easily as you started

He never left you just lost the heart
Silence ensued vowed for a fresh start
Still you can’t believe what he said
grabbed at the throat swang for the head
Everything’s futile you were fooled
He said it was your fault and that you could
Control Him

You can hear his cries, cuz he’s still in his corner
With his watchful eyes, judging how you
fulfill his orders, when you try
to pretend it’s all over you’re:
Futile & Fooled.

Nothing’s gone when you close your eyes
Playing peek-a-boo with a child’s mind
Facing the darkness of light,
Plato’s cave was based on life
I feel the pull come from the side:
Marionettes are fine when they can see their
own strings die.
You thought it all was fine just cuz you turned
the blind eye, he said we’d co-exist then we
bared our teeth, tried to break all our things
to get through the week, was pulled from the breast
of hate sometimes I can’t wait to get back

You can hear his cries, although he’s not the problem,
I’m the one who hides in this convenient disorder
When you try to pretend it’s all over you’re:
Futile & fooled, broken & schooled, deceived & fueled to break All his Rules.

Running through life in this fever
Eyes wide open to see the creature
Life has moved into the theatre
The unreal is real if you’re a believer!
Track Name: Idealize the Dead (instrumental)
It’s easy to idealize the dead.
Nothing’s worse than indecision,
even regret.
Loving now’s a loss for the past,
if anyone’s keeping score.
Forgetting what made you come to this,
was there nothing to lose?

So much to gain,
Implies a lack
now nothing’s the same.

Comparisons run through my brain,
of a heart, split in two and then,
spread across the plains.
And there is no mean,
math can’t split this seam.

So much to feel,
Veered off the track,
still feel the pull,
Pushing you, back.

This could be big,
though I’ve said that before.
First hesitate, then fall
through that door.

To be alive Inside
It means to never hide.
Pushing yourself inside
to live, your very